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Author:  DrDark [ Thu Jul 15, 2021 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gigography

TheNightingale wrote:
^ You may be right, I can't remember watching any video footage of gigs from that era but if it was Rob playing indeed then it was the same band as the ITD lineup.

Video from 1996 is very rare. The only one I'm aware of is 1996-11-26, Later with Jools Holland (That was My veil and Taut). You can see Rob on drums for Taut at 4:15:

The info file for a 2010 torrent that I got from Dime for the 1996-10-30 Amsterdam, Studio Amstel gig notes the band as:
"Polly Jean Harvey, John Parrish, Rob Ellis, Eric Feldman, Jeremy Hawk"

That's an obvious mistake at the end. It's Jeremy Hogg, not Jeremy Hawk.

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